Pickleball Deals and Discounted Pickleball Apparel Shirts , Hats, and Mugs!

Pickleball Deals

Welcome to Pickleball Deals, where we're passionate about Pickleball both playing tournaments and creating affordable, comfortable, and awesome pickleball gear for our fellow Pickleball enthusiasts! Our Website offers our fun Pickleball related prints, shirts, hats, mug, and decals and more that are designed, made and created by the Pickleball Deals team in the USA. We are located in Winston Salem, NC. We plan to have plenty more Pickleball related accessories, so stay tuned and check into Pickleball Deals for new upcoming designed shirts.
Just Dink It Shirt
Just Dink It Shirt is great to show your pickleball pride. Just Dink It Tshirt T-shirt Small Medium Large XL
I am a Big Deal Tshirt
I AM A BIG DILL Pickleball shirt to show you are the biggest dill in pickleball. I AM A BIG DILL Pickleball T-shirt Small Medium Large XL
We all play pickleball.  However we all can't affordable a rocking awesome pickleball shirt. :(
So we stepped in and made it happen so you can get a pickleball shirt. So Pickleball Deals was created in September 2019.
We do HTV vinyl and sublimation printing. We design mostly all the designs in Photoshop or Illustrator. 

What is Sublimation Printing?

Dye-sublimation printing is a computer printing technique which uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as a plastic, card, paper, or fabric. The sublimation name was first applied because the dye was considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage. Wikipedia  

What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat transfer vinyl, or HTV for short, is a specialty vinyl polymer that can be used on certain fabrics and materials to create designs and promotional products. It comes in a roll or sheet form with an adhesive backing so it can be cut, weeded, and placed on a substrate for heat application. Heat transfer vinyl is made in single colors and also has special options such as patterned, glitter, flockedholographic, glow-in-the-dark, reflective and 3Dpuff.


: No special clothing is required to play pickleball. We have an great selection of clothing for pickleball players and enthusiasts, and you'll even find one-of-a-kind and exclusive items not available elsewhere. Pickleball is fun and our apparel is too.

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What you waiting for you Pickle order a Shirt Today! (: 
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